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Workshop Lussan  24-29 th September

Workshop Les stages du Pigeonnier 3-8 September



Painting The Figure Outdoors with Olga Krimon and Aldo Balding

FEBRUARY 11-14 TH, 2023

2 workshops combined into one!  Learn to paint the figure in the outdoor light of Key West from two artists from different parts of the globe, who developed their unique approaches to figure painting.  Aldo will explore bold brushwork, color harmony and value arrangement.  Olga will share her way of composing the figure and designing the space, and her way of modeling and turning the form.  You will spend 2 full days with each instructor. 

The Reception Mixer Night hosted by the instructors and Stephanie and Kenny Shifflet will be held on February 11th after the workshop.  Significant others are welcome (let the instructors know so we plan for the right number of people).

All levels are welcome because of the small group size, however the background in drawing the figure will help you a lot.  This is an oil painting workshop, but if you prefer to work in another medium you are welcome to do so as the concepts will cover more than just the technical aspects of the oil painting.

Lunch breaks are 2 hours to give you an opportunity to explore the local café scene (and commute to other areas if you prefer to).  There will be no model during lunch breaks.  Anyone is welcome to paint the landscape or stay in – there may be a short optional demo during one of those breaks too.

Key West is famous not only for its rich scenery and tropical sun, but also for the beautiful sunsets.  We will attempt to capture it during one of the workshop days (if you are willing to stay up later to paint with us). 

We will take an opportunity to take reference photos of the model in different poses and different spots and light arrangements.  The students should leave the workshop with a set of new reference material to paint from.  And a potential demo sketch by the instructors (if offered for sale at the end of the class).

Daily Schedule:

9am-12pm – Artist demo and instruction

12pm-2pm – Lunch Break/ Model Rest

2pm-5pm – Students painting a model/ continued instruction/ critique

The Reception Mixer – the night of February 11th


Model fees

Water/ snacks at the workshop location

Paper Towels

Cleaning fee after the workshop

An introductory Mixer Night (see above)

Workshop classroom rental. The classroom will serve as a hub/ meeting place/ storage. We plan to spend most of the time painting the figure outside.

Not Included:




Daily meals

Art supplies – students are responsible for bringing their own art supplies.  The list of recommended art supplies will be provided prior to the workshop.  Students will also bring their portable easels and chairs (optional) for painting outdoors.


Space is limited in order to provide individualized instruction time to each student. 

Register now to reserve your spot.  The hotels are booking up fast, make sure to reserve your hotel or an Airbnb location as soon as possible (not included in the cost of the Workshop, see above). A reminder – while everything is fairly close (it’s Key West, after all), please do estimate your car rental or uber expenses as well.

Workshop Cost – $880/ student.  50% ($440) deposit is due at the time of the registration and is not refundable.  The remaining 50% ($440) is due no later than 30 days prior to the workshop start date. Follow the link on the bottom of this page to register – CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO FOLLOW THE REGISTRATION PROMPTS.


Contact the instructors directly with any questions. Please allow some time for the response. Direct cell phones will also be provided during the workshop.

Aldo Balding –, Instagram @aldobalding (IG messenger)

Olga Krimon –, Instagram @olgakrimon (IG messenger)


Group Exhibition at Galerie Anagama, Versailles, Paris 17 November 2019